ANTHONY QUIÑONES, “Q Ball,” holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and has experience working in accounting and finance in the publishing, insurance and non-profit industries. He transitioned into writing and wrote two books - The Brandpreneur Beginners Guide, to help new entrepreneurs and Repackaging Is Everything, to help information marketers to repackage their content. The Great Recession inspired him to expand his message because he saw that many people needed to repackage their priorities, finances, businesses, and ultimately, their lives. He began to study, interview and coach people on their personal and professional reinvention.

Later, he pivoted again and combined his business acumen and coaching experience to create the Reinvent Your Business in 90 Days course to help aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully reinvent their businesses in 90 days or less through a 5-step process so they can make more profits with less stress, less overwhelm and more impact in less time. He is the Founder and Chief Reinvention Officer of Q Ball Media and empowers his clients via courses, private consulting, speaking engagements, writing, interviews and other forms of media.

So if you’re ready to make more profits with less stress, less overwhelm and more impact in less time, let’s talk about how we can work together.

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